MAZE Mu Online Users 30
New Character - Slayer!

Warrior girl able to compete in PvP and kill the strongest server bosses!

Season15 Ghost Horse!

The dominant animal that will give you an outwardly amazing look!

System "HIDE or DIE"!

Find your best hidden spot and fight for it to the last to remain the strongest!


Dear player!
Take part in an important poll in our Discord channel #vote-golosovanie

Published by ADM, March 30, 2020

Support new Players

Don't waste your time, start today!
To support new players on our server, now when creating a character you get a few boxes, the initial pentagram, 500 free stats, also get:
Pet Panda for 5 days which will increase to you 50% of experience gain.. This will significantly help you pump faster and begin to conquer your peaks on our server!

Published by ADM, March 26, 2020

First Birthday

Today our server has a small holiday, we are celebrating 1 month of live game server, but if count in general, from the moment the server began to be configured, then our project has been over 5 months!

We thank our players! We are glad that you chose us. Today at 21-00 (GMT+2) in our Discord channel in the section #code-giveaway the 'Holiday Code' will be published, this is the first code with a specific publication time.

Stay tuned, there are many more updates and innovations ahead!

Published by ADM, March 21, 2020

Find the vaccine events

Even we, in the game world, have to take measures to protect our players, taking the fact that now unfortunately a virus is raging on our planet , we must be sure that all our players and their families are vaccinated.

The Winners are following:


Rewards was: Condors of Flames, Jewels of Kunduns and Jewels of Kondars, Box of Heavens (250wc + 20.000 Ruuds) , Jewel of Luck, Jewel of Excess , Bundle Jewel of Chaos 30x, and Bless of Greater x2.

NOTICE: For those who don’t get the vaccine, don’t worry, the next day, when BONUS EVENT starts, i will add to additional experience bonus a special "substance" that vaccinates all those who are online. Well, do not forget to wash your hands and swords more often, especially after PvP.

Published by ADM, March 12, 2020


Today, 08.03.2020 at 23:00 GMT + 2, the server was restarted in order to activate the /offlevel command.

Now players have the opportunity to levelup their character being offline.

For more information about this system and our other updates,visit the Discord channel in the sections #announcements and #changelog.

Published by ADM, March 9, 2020


We are launching a special promotion to support our active players.
From today, in our Discord channel, will be a random distribution of a special redeem code with a certain award in the form of (WCoins, Ruud's, Goblin Points).

More info in our Discord channel at #redeem-giveaway section.

Published by ADM, March 5, 2020

Vote and WIN 1000 WCoins!

Due to the fact that from March 1st all game-rating sites are updated, we are launching a special offer!

Vote for the MAZEMU server and except guaranteed WCOINS, at the end of the month 3 winners will be announced who have voted for the server the most times and will receive additional WCOINS!

1st place: 1,000 WCoins
2nd place: 500 WCoins
3rd place: 250 WCoins

Let's support server together, for more online!
We also remind you that for new players we have special bonuses at the start!

You can vote once a 24h, in order to vote for the server you need to enter on website under your account and find the section - "Vote For WCoin."

Published by ADM, February 29, 2020


Bonus to new players!
Create a character and get FOR FREE:

- 500 free points
- Pet panda
- 3x Blue Chocolate Box

(Who what starting from TODAY in MAZEMU)
If you have a GUILD starting from 8 players - write to Discord to discuss the bonus!
You still have many opportunities to take top positions and capture the castle!

Published by ADM, February 29, 2020

Update 1.0

Released Update 1.0!
Check our Discord channel for more details.
#changelog - section.

Follow the channel to stay up to date with the latest updates and innovations!

You can also ask there for support or any questions you are interested in. Enjoy the game on our server.

Published by ADM, February 25, 2020

Welcome newcomer!

We started 21/02/2020 at 18-00 GMT+2! The MAZEMU server was succesfully launched! Are you looking for a really interesting and non-standard server? We only have our own achievements and innovations, in our server is a honest online, we don’t draw it like many other servers, because we respect our players, and we have live online players and you can be sure that all online is in game now.You still have many opportunities to break in and take top positions, JOIN US!

Published by ADM, February 23, 2020