New Сharacter Arrived!

I have a very strict gun control policy: if there's a gun around, I want to be in control of it.

Complete quests across the continent and become a pioneer

Newcomers boost!

Dear friends!

Still wondering where to start? You now have an excellent opportunity to start with easier conditions.

All new characters receive:

+ 1000 free stats
+ Lucky set
+ 200% bonus to experience for 2 weeks

A great opportunity to break into the gaming atmosphere and prove yourself in a short time!

Published by ADM, March 23, 2021

Events/NewComers info

Bonus conditions for all new arrivals!

We are launching several promotions at once for all newcomers and not only!

All newcomers from today receive:

-* 500 free points
-* Small wings
-* Pet Panda for 5 days

Any guild that comes to us from another project with 10+ members will also receive an additional bonus! To receive the bonus, all guild participants must have at least 5 resets!

Starting from today, 2 new promo activities will start in our Discord!

1. A creative event, for everyone who wants to show their creativity and show their talents.

2. Best Promo Master! You have a great opportunity to prove yourself as a pr-master.

3. Do not forget about the TOP-VOTERS of the month, where you get a prize for every vote and additionally at the end of the month!

All active participants will be rewarded with prizes! Join the discord and get involved now!

Our project is our common victory!

Published by ADM, February 1, 2021

new year promo

The year 2020 is ending, perhaps it was one of the most unusual years, a year of big changes, somewhere disappointments and 180-degree turns, 2021 takes on the responsibility to fix everything!
We would like to wish you: On the road to success, the rule is to always look ahead. I wish you reach your destination and have a wonderful journey. In the new year, we have something to surprise you! Thank you for staying with us. Happy New 2021 Year!

But what a new year without gifts, right?
Join the Community and find out about all the bonuses:

--* Started TOP-January Voters Promotion!
-* NewComers get bonus from 31.12.20 (09:00)

Please be advised that during New Year time the Support will be still offered but responses may be delayed, starting from 31.12.2020 until 03.01.2021.
We would like to wish everyone happy time with own family

Published by ADM, December 31, 2020

Season16 - Start 18 December

Dear players! We are pleased to announce that the project will open its doors on December 18!

13:00 (Brazil, Argentina, UTC -3)
18:00 (Eastern Europe UTC +2)
23:00 (Thailand, Vietnam UTC +7)

Access to the server will be opened in 18:01, but Monsters Appear in 18:35!
You have time to find party, check NPC, and prepare for a big battle!

An exciting journey into the World of labyrinths awaits you. You can become either the best jewelry dealer or one of the strongest warriors on the project, the choice is up to you, which path you choose! To navigate in your direction, check out the innovations:

enlightenedProgressive Quest System
enlightenedTeam-Play Bosses
enlightenedAncient Lucky coin currency
enlightenedCustom Moss Merchant
enlightenedMulti-Levels Dungeons
enlightenedEnhanced Master Tree
enlightenedBoxes Bundle with different currencies
enlightened"Flying" Zen Spot
enlightenedOptimized Game World

Detailed server guide: here

You can always count on Active Support, which will save you from moments when you are left alone and there is no one to help.

Game Client is available for download!

Join our Discord community!


See you on the server!

Published by ADM, December 17, 2020