Season15 Char - Slayer!

Warrior girl able to compete in PvP and kill the strongest server bosses!

Custom Invasion Attack

Treasure of chest, Ghost Krabby, Abaddon and much more

Protected Captain Event!

Mass PvP Event in Lorencia RING kill the Captain and all your enemies!

System "Hide or Die"!

Find your best hidden spot and gain exp or be killed on marked spot!


We are pleased to announce that our tests and server settings are coming to an end and in the near future we will present you a new and unique server in terms of settings and ideas, unlike any of those that you have ever played!

For more than 3 months, the server was configured and the server concept was invented from scratch, every spot, every drop, world design, every attack on events, awards and much more was written by our team so that you feel what a non-standard approach to the game mu online.

Here you will find the first of its kind "Quest System", which has not yet been on any server 14-15 Season.
Unusual monsters for which you can additionally receive game currency. Changed worlds for a more convenient and comfortable game, we spent a lot of time on trifles, because in trifles a new uniqueness and a distinctive feature of each server develops. We were faced with the task of opening a server that was not similar to any of those that had ever existed, if you are tired of one-week servers that are one to one similar to each other and only the names change, we will be glad to see you with us.

Our team has far-reaching plans, but these plans can only be realized if you are with us and together we can go along this long but very interesting and fascinating road under a stable and interesting muonline server.

You can find basic information in the appropriate sections on the website: info and guide

We also have our own community in the Discord, join us, find out the latest information and feel free to ask your questions!

We do not say that we are the best, but we say that we are not like everyone else! We will be glad to see you at the opening, make some noise together, in the world of mu community!

Published by ADM, February 1, 2020