Season15 Char - Slayer!

Warrior girl able to compete in PvP and kill the strongest server bosses!

Custom Invasion Attack

Treasure of chest, Ghost Krabby, Abaddon and much more

Protected Captain Event!

Mass PvP Event in Lorencia RING kill the Captain and all your enemies!

System "Hide or Die"!

Find your best hidden spot and gain exp or be killed on marked spot!


Today we celebrate a small anniversary, our x500 server is 1 month old! We congratulate all our players on this common holiday, we also congratulate all our veterans, who have already been together with our project for more than six months! There is still a lot of new, cool updates and interesting implementations for you, so that your pastime here would be as interesting as possible! Together - we are force!

The following bonuses are added for short period:

1. The experience of the x500 server
(Regular, Master, and Majestic) increases x2.
2. Today at 18:00 (Moscow Time) All server monsters will be overloaded (including all bosses)
3. For the duration of the general bonus, the penalty exp (-20%) on the x500 No-PvP server is removed.

All the above bonuses are valid until 25/05/2020 22:00 GMT+3. (or check countdown timer on website)
More info at Discord(click)

Published by ADM, May 24, 2020