MAZE Mu Online Users 195
Season15 Char - Slayer!

Warrior girl able to compete in PvP and kill the strongest server bosses!

Custom Invasion Attack

Treasure of chest, Ghost Krabby, Abaddon and much more

Protected Captain Event!

Mass PvP Event in Lorencia RING kill the Captain and all your enemies!

System "Hide or Die"!

Find your best hidden spot and gain exp or be killed on marked spot!

TOP Rankings
ClassNameResets GRLevelGensGuild
1SlaughtererLetsTry125 101,200Gens VanertRequiem
2Dragon KnightDiabhal125 101,200Gens DuprianOFTB
3Empire LordMarx125 101,200Gens DuprianOFTB
4Soul WizardCruciatus125 101,200Gens DuprianNewAge
5Empire LordTARRASQUE124 101,200Gens DuprianTheTop
6Dragon KnightAdolf124 101,119Gens Duprian
7First BlazeriShy101 101,134Gens DuprianRedBull
8First BlazerHALK50 101,083Gens DuprianRedBull
9Dimension SummonerTANTALOS122 91,068Gens DuprianRedBull
10Dragon KnightBushido89 91,107Gens VanertRequiem
11SlaughtererDarkLilly52 91,078Gens VanertRequiem
12First BlazerCTRL125 8956Gens DuprianPUN1SHER
13Soul WizardPretorian45 81,195Gens Vanert2EaSy
14Noble ElfArachnea40 8590Gens DuprianNewAge
15SlaughtererEbabanel125 71,155Gens DuprianTheTop
16Empire LordAlbDark124 7915Gens Vanert
17Empire LordEmPeRoRR113 71,200Gens VanertRequiem
18Noble ElfChristina104 71,200Gens VanertRequiem
19Soul WizardBELDIN61 71,200Gens DuprianOFTB
20Soul WizardLeon56 71,062Gens VanertRequiem
21Dimension SummonerDarkillaz125 61,200Gens DuprianNewAge
22Soul WizardWonderful125 61,151Gens DuprianRedBull
23First BlazerMalone125 61,127Gens VanertRequiem
24Empire LordDYMO125 61,027Gens VanertRequiem
25Dimension SummonerBoBo124 61,110Gens Vanert
26Soul WizardSilveRCroW120 61,105Gens DuprianOFTB
27Soul WizardBLVCKwhite106 61,091Gens DuprianRedBull
28First BlazerMumenRider73 6801Gens DuprianOFTB
29Empire LordDarLord28 61,003Gens Vanert
30Soul WizardBeliq26 6801Gens VanertRequiem
31Noble ElfDerpina24 61,073Gens Vanert
32Empire LordKingLoveDL3 6915Gens Vanert
33Soul WizardJimoo124 5985Gens DuprianPUN1SHER
34Magic KnightSidewar112 51,134Gens VanertRequiem
35Noble ElfHippolyte59 51,097Gens DuprianOFTB
36Empire LordDiLau49 51,115Gens DuprianOFTB
37Dimension SummonerShidori42 51,015Gens VanertRequiem
38Empire LordDATUPUTI41 5846Gens DuprianPUN1SHER
39Soul WizardSUNGA38 51,053Gens Vanert
40Soul WizardGlock31 51,176Gens VanertRequiem
41SlaughtererTouchMe4 51,000Gens DuprianNazarick
42Soul Wizard4CBshnik1 5849Gens DuprianTheTop
43First BlazerDamMom125 41,118Gens Vanert
44Empire LordYaziste125 41,085Gens Vanert
45Soul WizardCubilord125 41,028Gens VanertRequiem
46Dragon KnightNOBODY125 4908Gens DuprianPUN1SHER
47Noble Elfchorzen124 41,089Gens DuprianTheTop
48SlaughtererMETALLICA124 41,045Gens DuprianPUN1SHER
49Shining LancerMomonga124 4917Gens DuprianNazarick
50SlaughtererViczhou123 41,100Gens Vanert
51First BlazerTERROR121 4922Gens DuprianSECURITY
52Dragon KnightSatan102 4757Gens Vanert
53Dimension SummonerWishIII94 4930Gens DuprianNazarick
54Noble Elfmanah70 4545Gens DuprianTheTop
55Dragon KnightSkyBreaker69 4964Gens Vanert
56Dragon KnightKingLoveBK69 4680Gens Vanert
57Soul WizardTheKing61 4863Gens Vanert
58Empire LordDominance26 41,024Gens VanertDamage
59SlaughtererRaaR17 4888Gens DuprianRedBull
60Grand Rune MasterAncientOne11 4936Gens DuprianNazarick
61Magic KnightLangLe10 41,050Gens Vanert
62Soul WizardPuckBoy125 31,084Gens Vanert
63Empire LordAlastar124 31,101Gens DuprianRedBull
64SlaughtererOptimus124 3967Gens Vanert
65SlaughtererSisk117 31,080Gens DuprianOFTB
66Empire LordHellLord116 31,047Gens Vanert
67SlaughtererElajza113 31,086Gens DuprianRedBull
68Dragon KnightCritical113 3583Gens VanertDamage
69Noble ElfTronXoe107 3926Gens Vanert
70Soul WizardLouisS93 31,002Gens Vanert
71SlaughtererSoloMe86 3925Gens Duprian
72Soul WizardGOOR85 3959Gens DuprianRedBull
73Noble ElfLolaa84 31,097Gens VanertRequiem
74First BlazerSzparka1384 31,050Gens VanertRequiem
75Dragon KnightSilence83 3965Gens DuprianTheTop
76Grand Rune MasterVQPE76 3958Gens Vanert
77Dragon KnightToeter74 3709Gens DuprianNewAge
78Magic KnightDiablo71 3467Gens VanertDamage
79Empire LordArg3nto62 3933Gens VanertJOKERS
80Noble ElfCipuszka60 3934Gens VanertRequiem
81Shining LancerBlesLancer49 3931Gens Vanert
82Soul WizardEnvoy39 3858Gens DuprianVICIOUS
83Empire LordARTAS38 31,055Gens DuprianOFTB
84First BlazerNutsiks29 31,062Gens DuprianRedBull
85Dragon KnightMayChem28 3538Gens Vanert
86First BlazerUndertaker26 3873Gens Duprian
87Soul WizardWarlock17 3879Gens Vanert
88Magic KnightAdrYan17 3866Gens DuprianNiSeRupe
89Dragon KnightOsyRys17 3862Gens DuprianNiSeRupe
90Soul WizardMago12 31,055Gens Vanert
91Empire LordT0NYCH0PER11 3926Gens DuprianGameOver
92First BlazerPortnoiBR7 3891Gens VanertDamage
93Soul WizardAMIDAMARU4 3978Gens DuprianTheTop
94Soul WizardHerod2 3911Gens DuprianOFTB
95Dragon KnightAkti0 3617Gens Vanert
96SlaughtererAleks125 21,053Gens Vanert
97First BlazerRFCoBapVCL124 21,028Gens Vanert
98Noble ElfMeow2123 2874Gens DuprianOFTB
99Dimension SummonerAkhtamar118 2931Gens DuprianPUN1SHER
100Noble ElfKingLoveEE115 2869Gens Vanert